Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here ya go Kimmy!!


So I was talking to Kimmy tonight on the phone and she informed me I needed to quit being LAZY and update.......So here I am :0)

This Year has been INSANE for me. I feel like I am always on the go with NO stop in site. So I will update you on Kaylie first then myself....

Kaylie is getting SO BIG. She started going to Children's Learning Adventure. It was so hard for me to know she is in school all day because I don't wanna face the fact that she is growing up BUT.... It helps. She has learned SO MUCH since starting school. She can count to 15 and say her ABC's all by herself. She also knows her colors and shapes (has some trouble with rectangle and square though, lol). She has two best friends there Isabella and Dakota. There is a lil boy in her class named Ryland she playes with alot as well. and she told me that "she no give boys kisses because they are nasty", HA HA HA. GOOD GIRL.

We are still working on potty training though. She knows how to. She just gets to playing and doesn't wanna stop to tell me she needs to go. So HOPEFULLY by her third bday we will have that down.

She is VERY into being a princess. If she could play dress up all day I think she would. She tells me "mommy im the princess and your the queen". I am currently looking into dance schools to get her into. She loves dancing to music and I think she would love to be in a class.

She also got her 1st BIG GIRL hair cut. She got 7 inches cut off. Her hair is right above her shoulders. She looks so grown up and cute. She is also going to be a cake decorator like her mommy!! She made her first cake, lol. Hmmmm well I think that is all I can think of right now for her.

OK my turn, lol. I have been doing ok. I have not had the BEST year so far but I am trying. I am still working in collection over at TARGET. I don't LOVE it but, hey. Im thankful I have a job in this economy.

The two most IMPORTANT things I want to accomplish by Christmas is 1 to have a car and 2 to have my own place. I have been saving and it seems like every time I get a good amount of money something comes up. LIKE:

I went to Cali a few weeks ago for my 24th bday with friends and while I was down there I cracked my tooth. So I spent my last 2 days in the worst pain EVER. So long story short I spent TOO MUCH to have the tooth pulled when I got back.. It was NO FUN but at least I am no longer in pain.

I'm sure you all are wondering about my situation with Troy. It has not changed. We have filed divorce papers so hopefully this will be official in the next few months. I honestly think it was the best decision we have made and we are both stronger people because of it. All we want is for Kaylie to have the BEST LIFE she can and deserves. I want to thank the family again for the support during all of this. It is not an east transition but it is what it is, I guess.

So i am officially gonna be an aunt again!!!! I could be happier for Theresa and Nick.... I am so happy to have another lil baby to love and SPOIL.. Kaylie doesn't quite get it but once Theresa starts showing then I think she will.. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a BOY this time.

Well I have no idea what else to say, lol.. Well Steve is off to GERMANY for at least 2 years. Its always hard when he leaves. I always miss him being around. Plus Kaylie just LOVES her uncle Steve. She could follow him around all day, lol.... Well here are a few pics of me and the family.

I will try to update more often.

Above: Nothing like Funnel Cake at the beach. Theresa and my lil Ree Ree. ( LOVE her blue eyes)

Above: Me and Kaylie getting ready to bake a cake & Kaylie and her best friend Aliya at the zoo.

Above: Feeding the Giraffes at the zoo, NASTY huge tongue

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Im a SLACKER!!! I will be updating this weekend with lots of INFO and PICS. Here is a few of Kaylie